Nowadays it is sufficient to enter whatever name (or compay’s name), or brand on Google to give an immediate judgment and to have a first impression of what we are looking for. As a consequence, it becomes essential to be well represented on the Internet, in order to have a good reputation in terms of information and images related to managers/people/companies / brands.

Spriano Communication, thanks to the best professionals in the web intelligence activity, is able to offer an effective web communication service to monitor everything on line and build digital identities consistent with everybody’s profile (personal or professional), in order to credit, defend and enhance the company’s position and reputation, as well of its professionals and products. Today, web communication is an important tool that reaches investors, market operators, banks and advisors who share information and impressions. Not communicating or making it in the wrong way can have devastating effects on reputation.


  • Online reputation analysis
  • Monitoring and analysis of all daily online conversations in blogs, forums, social networks to understand how these conversations affect the reputation and image of people, companies, products
  • Monitoring public opinion to perceive rating and sentiment on the web about topics of interest. It serves to detect the growth of new trends, fads or social phenomena, in order to act quickly
  • Identification of top digital influencers relative to the targeted market
  • SEO and Construction of DIGITAL IDENTITIES:creation of green and filler contents to let them appear as main results on Google (or to slide out negative contents in the last pages of research) -Customized monitoring of information and online content
  • Competitors’ analysis and perception online
  • Perceptual comparison of competitors’ products
  • Analysis of the impact of the off line and online campaigns


  • Buzz Marketing, promotion and interaction for brands, products and services
  • Measuring the effectiveness of a Buzz marketing campaign
  • Measuring viral reach from the promoted initiatives
  • Tools for the Buzz Marketing activities


  • Creating and managing profiles and accounts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
  • Creating and diffusing press releases 2.0 optimized SEO
  • Creating and managing corporate blog
  • Creating and managing market research panels on line
  • Supporting online media campaigns to launch new products/services
  • Managing multi-channel advertising «tactically»


  • Digital Customer Care regarding products and services
  • Instruments in support of Digital Customer Care


  • Managing corporate reputation
  • Digital marketing and buzz marketing
  • Analysis and dynamics of social networks
  • Optimization for 2.0 corporate communication
  • Customer Care 2.0, the new frontiers of digital interaction with the consumer